Las cervezas más caras del mundo
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Estas son Las cervezas más caras del mundo


<strong>A kettle-styled bottle of Samuel Adams 2005 edition Utopias beer and a snifter of the beer are displayed, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2005, at Hop Devil Grill in New York's East Village. The restaurant offered a four-course meal with a different beer for each course, followed by the Utopias, served like an after-dinner liqueur--uncarbonated and at room temperature. Utopias' suggested retail price is $100 (81 euros) a bottle. With a 25 percent alcohol content by volume, Utopias holds the Guiness record for being the strongest commercially available beer. It is brewed with a selection of Bavarian Noble hops: Spalt Spalter, Hallertau Mittlefruh and Tettnang Tettnanger. </strong>(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)Precio por botella: 200 dólares/750 ml

Volumen de alcohol: 28%

Curiosidad: Utopias es elaborada de la forma tradicional y añejada en barriles. El producto final es una mezcla de Utopias de años anteriores, incluyendo algunas ¡de más de veinte años!


<strong>Ceramic bottles of Schorschbock beer are pictured at the Schorschbraeu brewery in Gunzenhausen near Nuremberg, northern Bavaria, March 30, 2012. According to the micro brewery owner Georg Tscheuschner, his Schorschbock beer at 57 % volume of alcohol, is the world strongest. The limited edition of 43 bottles, each one sealed with wax, signed and hand-numbered by the brew master, costs 200 euros (266 US Dollars). Tscheuschner's other beer specialities have 13%, 16% and 20% alcohol and are also exported worldwide. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle</strong> (GERMANY - Tags: SOCIETY FOOD BUSINESS)...Precio: 275 dólares/330ml

Volumen de alcohol: 57,5%

Curiosidad: Aseguran ser la cerveza más fuerte en términos de contenido de alcohol


<strong>Lifestyle-Australia-drink-beer, by Neil Sands Carlton's master brewer John Cozens inspects a glass of the Carlton &amp; United Breweries' Crown Ambassador Reserve beer, in Melbourne on July 1, 2008, which went on sale last week retailing at 60 dollars (57.5 US) a bottle, about 10 times the price of a regular 750ml 'longneck' bottle. Australia's largest brewer has launched a super premium lager that costs as much as a vintage bottle of wine, saying it wants to take the nation's long-standing love of a cold beer to a new level. Cozens said the beer could be cellared for up to 10 years because it has a alcohol level of 9.2 percent, almost twice that of regular beer. The beer could be cellared for up to 10 years because it has a alcohol level of 9.2 percent, almost twice that of regular beer.</strong> AFP PHOTO/William WEST (Photo credit should read WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)Precio: 95 dólares/750ml

Volumen de alcohol: 10,2%

Curiosidad: La cerveza es envasada en botellas de champán y cada lote está limitado a sólo 8.000 botellas.


<strong>Carlsberg Brewmaster Jens Eiken displays a bottle of what is being billed the World's Most Expensive Beer, in a dimly lit crypt-like cellar 50 feet beneath an old brewery in Copenhagen, Denmark Tuesday Jan. 29, 2008. A 37.5 centilitre bottle of Vintage No.1 fetches 2008 kroner (US$ 398, euros 269) and is only available at three exclusive restaurants in Copenhagen. A few bottles will be sold online by a Danish company.</strong>(AP Photo/John McConnico)Precio: 400/ dólares375 ml

Volumen de alcohol: 10,5%

Curiosidad: Sólo se produjeron 600 botellas cada año durante los tres años que fue elaborada esta variedad, de 2008 a 2010.


<strong>Moody Tongue Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner_Bottles</strong>Precio: 120 dólares/650 ml

Volumen de alcohol: 5%

Curiosidad: Hay una lotería para tener la posibilidad de comprar una botella.


<strong>BrewDog unveils the strongest and most expensive beer in the world, Fraserborough, Scotland, Britain - 23 Jul 2010 The strongest, most expensive beer in the world 'The End of History' - The blonde Belgian ale comes in a bottle encased in your choice of a dead stoat</strong>Precio: 765 dólares/330 ml

Volumen de alcohol: 55%

Curiosidad: Solo se produjeron doce botellas de esta cerveza. Cada una viene con un animal disecado en cuyo interior está la botella.


<strong>The new world's strongest beer Sink The Bismarck by Brewdog, Scotland, Britain - Feb 2010 Brew Dog's James Watt and Martin Dickie with the new world's strongest beer Sink The Bismarck</strong>Precio: 80 dólares/375ml

Volumen de alcohol: 41%

Curiosidad: Esta cerveza está hecha con cuatro veces la cantidad de lúpulo convencional.


(FILES) <strong>This file photo taken on December 3, 2009 shows Japan's Sapporo Breweries displaying bottles of 'Space Barley' beer, the world's first beer brewed from seedlings of bareleycorn that travelled to the Russian space station, during a press conference in Tokyo. Sapporo Breweries Ltd. said on December 7, 2009 orders had flooded in for the special edition of 250 six-packs of its new 'Space Barley.'</strong> AFP PHOTO / FILES / Yoshikazu TSUNO (Photo credit should read YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)Precio: 110 dólares/paquete de seis

Volumen de alcohol: 5,5%

Curiosidad: No la han llamado “cerveza espacial” porque sí: la cebada usada en la producción de esta cerveza ha sido cultivada en la Estación Espacial Internacional.


<strong>Pabst</strong>Precio: 44 dólares/720ml

Volumen de alcohol: 6%

Curiosidad: Esta NO es una PBR normal. Esta Pabst es solo de malta y añejada en barril. Y solo se vende en China.


<strong>Bottles of Westvleteren Trappist beer are seen at the brewery in Westvletern February 18, 2014. Having a beer rated as the world's best and selling out in minutes should be a brewer's dream, but for the Trappists who brew Westvleteren ale at a monastery in western Belgium it seems more of a burden. Monks at the Sint Sixtus abbey have been selling to locals since 1878, limiting production so that brewing never took over monastic life or earned more than the community needed. </strong>Picture taken February 18, 2014. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir (BELGIUM - Tags: SOCIETY RELIGION BUSINESS)...Precio: 625 dólares/el pack, 40 dólares/ 30 ml

Volumen de alcohol: 10%

Curiosidad: Si vas a la Abadía de San Sixto de Westyleteren, en Bélgica, puedes comprar la que algunos llaman la mejor cerveza del mundo por menos de 2 dólares. Pero su escasez y la dificultad para llegar hasta la abadía es lo que provoca que precio suba considerablemente.

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